We Work Hard & Aim to Please

"We have worked with Daniel for 10+ years. He is very reliable and trustworthy and we do refer him often."
Kathy and Steve G. 
"No matter your need you will never go wrong with RIC. Absolutely the best."
Lisa S.
"I rent from RIC, they are the best landlord I have had in the 15years I have lived on my own. If I have a problem with my house he is always quick to come fix what needs to be done.. I have lived in his rental house for almost three years and don't want to move.. so please, if you need a rent house, he is your man..Dan is the man!"
Amanda G.
"RIC bought a distressed property from a personal friend and was very professional and courteous."
Noah B.
"RIC has a very unique and thorough understanding of the local housing. They provide safe and secure housing throughout the metro that stands out among the rest. Highly recommend RIC for your housing needs!"
Candace C.
"I have done numerous real estate transactions with RIC and they have all been successful. They are very knowledgeable of Oklahoma City and easy to work with. I really enjoy doing business with him and look forward to working with him a lot more in the future."
Wyleigh M.
"I have invested with Dan on several occasions and it’s a rewarding experience. He’s extremely knowledgeable about the Oklahoma City area and well-versed in the practice of making money on a real estate portfolio. You won’t find a more honest person to do business with."
Eric C.
"I invested some money with Mr. Romriell. He made every payment on time as promised. If you are wondering if you can depend upon him to keep his word, set your mind at ease. He is a man of his word."
Scott N.
"Dan is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced in the real estate industry. I have enjoyed working with him for many years now. I highly recommend Dan and his company without hesitation."
Brian M.
"Dan is great to deal with. I have worked with Dan several times and have always had a good experience with him."
Justin G.
"Dan knows his business and follows through. I've worked with him on several business projects and he has the connections and knows what it takes to get the job done!"
Brent L.
"I have been living in a home owned by RIC. There is no twisting of an arm to get things fixed!!! I would recommend his rent properties to anyone!"
Donny S.
"Dan is a great person to work with. Very knowledgeable and dependable!!"
Randy T.
"Dan is a very experienced and knowledgeable businessman and family man. My dealings with him on construction and repairs over the years have been nothing but great. I highly recommend RIC!"
Skip Z.
"I highly recommend Romriell Investment Company for your housing needs! I've bought multiple properties from them and had great success!!"
Brian N.
"Dan is a great guy I have closed a few deals with him and every time we have had a successful smooth experience."
Keelie T.
"Dan and RIC have the highest integrity and bring quality work to another level. It is a pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend Romriell Investment Company to everyone."
James H.
"I was very satisfied with Mr Daniel Romriel's business tactics. He was fast, courteous, and was very understanding to my current situation and needs. I would recommend him and company to friends and family who have real estate property for sale"
Debra H.