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Are you a homeowner wondering if there are any good reasons you should sell your house now?  You probably have a few reasons of your own or you would not be reading this. The real question is whether or not this is the best time. Is it safe in this uncertain economy? First, let me […]

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Best Inspirational Books

Some of the best inspirational books for tough times are popular classics. You probably have one or more sitting on your shelves or buried under some dust. Maybe you have never heard any of them before. Either way, you would be wise to discover them today. These books will help you get through the dark […]

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  Some people have named the Black Swan of 2020, Covid19. However, if we closely consider what a black swan is, it is clear that this outbreak cannot be given this label. This is No Fairy Tale Once upon a time, no one expected to discover that black swans existed. Sometime later, after they were […]

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"We have worked with Daniel for 10+ years. He is very reliable and trustworthy and we do refer him often."

- Kathy and Steve G. 

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