Tips for Marketing Your Home to Millennials

Tips for Marketing Your Home to Millennials

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You’re probably wondering why it would be so important to attract millennial’s to your property to sell your home fast. Millennials are the demographic between Generation X and Generation Z with birth years from the early 1980s to the mid-1990s or early 2000s. In 2015, there were roughly 75.4 million millennials living in the United States, as compared to about 74.9 million baby boomers. This is an important demographic to understand and market to based on size alone, but also because so many millennials are building their families and moving in to their first homes.


This generation faced the work force for the first time during a tough economic time, which caused many of them to remain in the nest a bit longer or to seek advanced degrees as opposed to finding a job and purchasing a home. But with economic recovery and jobs on the rise, the tides have turned. There is a huge opportunity to market your property to this group and we’re going to share a few simple tips on ways to attract millennials to your home to sell it fast.


  1. Showcase your home’s location.


Millennials are historically more environmentally conscious and prefer neighborhoods that are near their jobs, public transportation and businesses like grocery stores, restaurants and bars. Regardless of where your home is located, you can use digital advertising to create location and business targeting to market your home to those millennials employed nearby.


You should also scope out the neighborhood and advertise the millennial-friendly perks in your marketing to sell your home faster. Showcase local health food stores, cultural events, amazing restaurants, craft beer bars and the best yoga studios.


  1. Become a techy nerd.


This demographic is all about keeping it digital, starting with their initial new home search and how their home is designed. Start by marketing your home where your millennial audience is already hanging out – online! Advertise through social media. Communicate with your potential buyers through text.


If your home isn’t exactly millennial-friendly, it may be time to do some much-needed upgrades or to engage a professional home flipper to update and market your property for you. These much-needed updates could include USB-enabled electrical outlets or wireless home controls.


  1. Be their home away from home.


Let’s be honest. It may not have been a long time since these millennials were living in Mom and Dad’s basement. Given their introduction to the work force during a difficult time for our economy, they might not have been on their own starting at the same age as other generations. With a significant delay in absolute independence from their parents, solo living or the stress of buying a home for millennials may come with some serious adjustments.


Make the process easy for them. Work with a professional who can walk them through the home purchasing steps and explain how mortgages and financing works. Or work with a real estate investor who can make the needed updates to your home that a less-than-handy millennial might be scared to take on.



On top of providing a digitally savvy experience for well-connected millennials in urban areas, you need to market to them appropriately, too. Perhaps you should create a snazzy website for your new property or market a Facebook group for residents to organize get-togethers.


The important thing is to think like a millennial and you will attract millennials to your property. So pull out that iPhone and start your new life as a millennial-friendly home seller and get that house sold fast!

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